electronic equipment on a shelf

Electronics Sustainability for Mission Support

For military personnel and defense contractors, sustainability is essential for a successful long-term mission—one that ensures equipment reliability and keeps costs under control. From component repairs and technical upgrades to obsolescence management, Sechan Electronics’ sustainment team will support your defense electronic product through end-of-life.

Sechan offers its sustainability services to lifetime partners of Sechan, as well as equipment not manufactured or previously serviced by Sechan.

Lifecycle Support

  • Product Repairs and Upgrades
  • Maintain Depot Part Inventory

Material Upgrade Process Design

  • Technology Upgrade/Refresh
  • Reverse Engineering and Parts Obsolescence

Repair Operations

  • Dedicated Support and Test Equipment
  • Dedicated Support Staff
  • Automated Processing, Tracking, and Cost Recording Systems

Sechan Proven Expertise

Sechan’s experience in providing trusted support to long-term partners extends throughout the product lifecycle. Our highly responsive team is easy to work with, and provides quick turns on high-priority projects. With 20+ years of experience sustaining defense electronic products, Sechan experts are ready to help with your demanding applications.

Depot Support that Maximizes Field Readiness

When you need reliable defense electronics replenishment or recommendations for streamlined repair processes, our sustainment team helps you reduce costs, meet contractual timelines, and ensure the warfighter has field-ready equipment for the duration of the mission.

electronic equipment on shelf
Worker working on electronic device
soldering circuit board
electronic equipment in test chamber