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Robust Capabilities for Demanding Requirements

Sechan Electronics, Inc. is a U.S. based defense and aerospace company with a heritage of designing and manufacturing high reliability electronics systems that meet the strict requirements of military applications. Sechan has the capabilities to design, develop, integrate, produce, test, and sustain systems throughout the product life cycle.

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Sechan’s engineering team provides a single supplier to resolve existing technical issues, improve or enhance product performance, and refresh technology requirements. Having the engineering strength and depth to design from performance specification and address issues that might arise during the life cycle of a program, Sechan offers the high-reliability expertise to support major military equipment development and production. Read more…

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As a provider of sophisticated, military, electronic equipment and systems, Sechan offers the proven success to convert technical data packages into robust, repeatable products. Sechan maintains a diverse, vertically-integrated set of manufacturing technologies that are well suited to customer needs. Our vertical integration reduces program risk and ensures that all program requirements are met on time, at the best value to customers. Read more…

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Sechan’s functional disciplines ensure a high level of hardware integration in accordance with customer requirements. This vertical integration reduces risk, minimizes the need for changes throughout the life of the program, and provides a producible, quality product for our customers. Read more…

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Comprehensive in-house testing is an integral part of Sechan’s ability to provide support throughout a product’s lifecycle. Sechan offers significant testing experience at all levels of the assembly from circuit cards and cable assemblies through higher level systems. Testing is done to minimize the potential for costly rework/reprocessing, as well as maintain and validate a high level of reliability in all items manufactured. Read more…

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On-site sustainment support identifies deficiencies, suggests performance enhancements, and develops corrective options for products manufactured by Sechan, as well as to similar customer products. Sechan’s sustainment department utilizes the same facilities, equipment, and personnel used for a production build, thereby providing the most efficient, cost-effective, and timely method of product support. Read more…

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